Our Mission

Recovery isn’t like flipping a switch – it’s much more like turning a dial.
It doesn’t happen in just one moment. It takes time. At Beach House Treatment our mission is to provide resources and environments that help people recover from their addiction and stay on the path of sobriety.

Addiction is a powerful condition that can bring down even the brightest and most successful people. With a holistic approach to treatment and a staff of world-class experts, our luxurious locations are conducive to physical, mental, and spiritual recovery.

Beach House Treatment combines soothing locations with addiction experts to deliver patient-focused procedures for helping anyone defeat their addiction once and for all.

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To learn more about treatment at the PHP level, or to get answers to any questions that you may have about any aspect of treatment within Beach House Treatment Intensives, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We look forward to helping you make the most informed decision for yourself or for a loved one.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment
Beach House Treatment

An Expert Approach to Addiction Treatment

Addiction is something many people try to handle on their own. While some do seek medical help, only dedicated experts on this biopsychological condition can truly provide the best amount of insight.

Our knowledge of addiction coupled with our experience in various types of medical treatments means we know the steps necessary to achieve a desired outcome. The structure of these steps depends on the needs of the patient.

Anyone can suffer from addiction. This can range from university students and high-ranking business executives to athletes and family-focused individuals. We offer flexible programs tailored to every individual’s condition, goals, and timeline.


Our Commitment to Holistic Support

Once a person has broken free from addiction’s grasp, their journey still isn’t over. Not only do our world-class facilities offer a variety of therapeutic treatments, but we provide patients with lifelong support upon completion.

Just as cravings and trigger points may cause a person to drift back toward a certain substance, having proper support can help bring them back toward a life of sobriety. Clients will gain skills to help them continue the recovery process and maintain the positivity in the long-term. Therapy options include:

1. Individual Psychotherapy

Sometimes having a one-on-one session with an expert is the perfect way to craft methods for recovery. A person has their own struggles, strengths, weaknesses, and temptations – a patient-centered approach is the best way to provide care.

2. Group Psychotherapy

Group sessions are sometimes vital for helping a person feel more comfortable, encouraging them to share their story, and helping them understand more about how addiction can affect lives. Our group sessions see experts helping multiple individuals at a time in a friendly, social environment.

3. Neurofeedback

Addiction is such a hard issue to conquer because it can affect the way the brain works. By using proven techniques and evidence-backed solutions, our experts can help patients understand the science behind substance dependence, and how to encourage brain activity that is supportive of recovery.

These are just a few of the therapy options we offer patients at Beach House Treatment Centers. Our commitment to quality is seen through a network of professionals and resources, helping graduates enjoy their newfound recovery for a lifetime.

Once a patient has been put on the right track, it is much easier for them to continue on and gain confidence in their ability to avoid substance abuse.

Building Skills and Techniques to Sustain Recovery

Since addiction affects the brain, the recovery process involves helping a person learn to control their thinking so they can avoid falling back into their vices.

Our approach helps promote both self-knowledge and empathy, allowing individuals to build confidence and show compassion to themselves and others. This increased emotional and mental strength will help individuals avoid the stress factors that often cause relapses.

The mission isn’t simply to have people complete the program – it is to help them use the skills they learned in that program in perpetuity. Whenever temptations arise, having the right techniques, strategies, and resources is helpful for overcoming it.

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The Beach House Treatment Center

Finding the Path to Recovery

Sometimes it can seem impossible to overcome addiction, especially without help. Individuals who have achieved success and happiness in life may still find themselves battling substance abuse. We know they desire a similar amount of success and happiness in their recovery options as well.

Our mission is clear. When it comes to the painful and troubling condition that is addiction, many people struggle to find which treatment option is right for them. Turning to Beach House Treatment means entering a peaceful area that facilitates recovery. It also means gaining access to adaptable therapy options that can adhere to individual needs.

We know how hard addiction can be. Our mission is to deliver the top-notch treatment individuals need to reclaim their lives from addiction.