A Complete Treatment Program

To help you find your way though to the life you want, Beach House Treatment Center provides a complete series of support programs.  With care and compassion our treatment experts will guide you thought every phase of the recovery process.  We staff doctors, psychiatric and addiction specialists, therapists and support staff.  Together, we provide a complete continuum of care from you arrival to your growth into a better life.

Our Multi-Layered Continuum of Care

Beach House Treatment provides a complete continuum of care – from day one and on to a useful and fulfilled life.

Detox & Stabilization

Beach House Treatment Centers’ highly trained and experienced physicians, nursing staff and clinicians guide our clients through the medical detoxification and stabilization process.  Without skilled medical supervision withdrawal can be uncomfortable, dangerous and even life threatening.  Our medical team works closely with each client to minimize the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug and/or alcohol use.  Nursing care and Incidental Medical Services (IMS) are available around-the-clock to monitor clients’ status, provide relief from withdrawal symptoms and ensure clients safety.  Our medical approach utilizes medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and vastly diminishes any risk of life-threatening dangers during stabilization.

Completion of medical detoxification is a good starting point to launch recovery from substance abuse and/or stabilization for mental health issues but, it’s only the first stage of treatment.  The vast majority of clients will require additional treatment to build and maintain long-term sobriety and establish emotional stability.

Incidental Medical Services (IMS)

Beach House Treatment Centers is licensed to provide incidental medical services to further facilitate the safety and comfort during detoxification and treatment.   IMS licensure requires that all incidental medical services be provided by a health care practitioner, or staff under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner, to address medical issues associated with detoxification, treatment, or recovery services.  Incidental medical services include but are not limited to:


Residential Care

Beach House Treatment Centers offers clients multiple distinct treatment options. Following detox and stabilization, each residential client undergoes a diagnostic assessment to identify any underlying trauma and mental health issues to determine the initial diagnoses that are the foundation for the client’s highly customized treatment plan.  Our Executive Director will work with the client’s treatment team to determine all the components to be included the client’s highly treatment plan and will monitor the client’s progress through treatment to ensure that all their treatment needs are addressed.  The amenities offered by each of our residential programs are intended to address a client’s individual or professional needs and to provide the extra layers of privacy, comfort and luxury sometimes needed for clients to relax and eliminate the distractions that can get in the way of their establishing their recovery and building long-term sobriety.

Outpatient Programs

For some patients who have completed detox and stabilization and for those who don’t require those services, residential care may not be necessary or desirable.  For these clients, one of Beach House Treatment Center’s outpatient programs may be appropriate.  In other cases, following an initial period of time in one of our residential programs or at another treatment center, the next step in their recovery process may be an outpatient program.  This approach has proven to be a real asset in supporting clients’ long-term recoveries.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Clients can schedule both individual and group sessions 3-5 days week depending on their availability.  Our Intensive Outpatient Program is built around Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). Primary areas of focus are:

Outpatient Program

Beach House Treatment Centers Outpatient clients can work with our Director of Outpatient Services to develop a program of individual and group sessions to meet their needs.  All client treatment plans will be reviewed and monitored by our Executive Director.  Clients always have the option to convert their Intensive Outpatient Program or Outpatient Services to higher levels of care should they require increased support.  For many of these clients, we also recommend transitional living accommodations.

Beach House Treatment Center’s outpatient programs are offered at our The Beach House Center for Wellness in Malibu. 

Sober Living & Transitional Living Homes

Beach House Treatment Center’ sober living transitional homes are a perfect option for clients who have completed a residential treatment program but aren’t ready to return home or clients who need temporary or long-term relief from the environments which are contributing to their addictions.  Our Indigo Ranch property offers private and semiprivate room accommodations.  Every resident has access to a fully functional recording studio, tennis court and eight acres of walkable pathways.  These facilities are specifically run to provide an atmosphere of reduced stress and disruptions while maintaining a sense of normalcy and responsibility. Clients housed in sober living facilities have a 24/7 support system in place and may still undergo treatment at our Center for Wellness.


Beach House Treatment - Indigo Ranch Sober & Transitional Residence

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As an essential healthcare provider of substance abuse and mental health services under the California’s COVID-19 “Stay at Home” order, we are actively accepting new participants into our Detox, Residential and Outpatient programs under CDC recommended safety measures.

Please call us today at (310) 448-1413 for a free consultationand to learn more about our new policies.

Please call us today at (310) 448-1413 for a free consultation
and to learn more about our new policies.