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Beach House Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

Every addiction case is different and should be handled with the utmost care and respect for the patient. At The Beach House, we understand the struggle that’s associated with substance abuse and how difficult it is to seek help, so our team works hand-in-hand with our patients to develop customized plans to which they agree and begin the road to recovery.

What Makes The Beach House Treatment Successful

Our specialized treatment options may vary from patient to patient, but they are built on a proven system of evidence-based therapy and recovery options to maximize success and eliminate dependencies during rehabilitation. Every one of our patients undergoes a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation to determine the underlying triggers – such as past traumatic experiences, sudden life changes and environmental pressures and stresses – which may be fueling an addiction. Our experts will dig even deeper and check for dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders, like mental illness, that can make ending a dependency problem more difficult. Once our thorough assessment is complete, our staff will work directly with patients to develop customized treatment plans to kick their addictions and return to normal life. Often times these plans may include medically supervised detoxification, one-on-one therapy, routine wellness checks and a support system that includes peers and family.

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Malibu Addiction Treatment
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The Beach House’s Exclusive Inpatient Programs

Patients opting for residential treatment will consider one of our three inpatient treatment programs. Each program involves comprehensive treatment and diagnoses, but some provide extra layers of comfort and luxury sometimes needed for patients to relax and eliminate the distractions that get in the way of their sobriety.

1. Professionals Program

Our Professionals Program blends the practicality of safe and comfortable environments with the second to none treatment services of Malibu’s most top detox facilities. Patients in this program will live in Serra Bluff, Sweetwater Mesa, Indigo Ranch or The Beach House while receiving treatment at the Center For Wellness.

2. Executive Program

Our Executive Program provides additional luxury and more one-on-one recovery assistance. Patients in this program live in The Beach House, a luxurious and upscale residential facility located on a private beach in Malibu.

3. Executive Concierge Program

Our Executive Concierge Program provides an extreme layer of exclusivity and privacy for patients. Patients will live in the ultra-luxurious White House, which is located on Broad Beach in Malibu and has amenities and splendor that rival the best resorts in the world.

“Saving Lives, Healing Families”

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Benefits of Addiction Treatment

The Beach House’s Outpatient Programs

The Beach House understands not all patients may have the time or financial means required for an intensive inpatient treatment program. Our Malibu Center for Wellness provides 24/7 services for patients on a part-time or limited basis. The staff at our outpatient clinic will still conduct comprehensive diagnostic evaluations to development customized treatment plans and recommend appropriate superior evidence-based therapy and recovery support sessions. As an added bonus, our Center is located close to Los Angeles, one of the world’s top recovery communities.

The Beach House’s Sober Living

Our sober living transitional homes are a perfect option for patients who have completed an inpatient treatment program but aren’t ready to return home or patients who need temporary relief from the environments which are contributing to their addictions. These facilities are specifically run to provide an atmosphere of reduced stress and disruptions while maintaining a sense of normalcy and responsibility. Patients housed in sober living facilities have a 24/7 support system in place and may still undergo treatment at our Center for Wellness.

(310) 924-0780

World-Class Medical Experts

The medical team at the beach house has been providing addiction treatment for decades, with specialties in trauma, substance abuse, psychology, dual diagnosis, co-occurring disorders and mental illness. Our Medical Director Dr. Harry Haroutunian recently oversaw residential programs at the Betty Ford Center and brings more than 30 years of addiction recovery expertise to The Beach House. In addition, our facilities partner with local specialized clinics for extra medical, detoxification, behavioral and addiction support if necessary.

Customized Treatment Options With Our Patients in Mind

No two cases of addiction as alike, and that’s why we go through a detailed process to determine proper treatment methods for each individual patient with their recovery goals and timeline in mind.

Are you ready to take control of your substance abuse problem? Call or text The Beach House at (310) 924-0780 to discuss your individualized treatment program options.