beach house treatment center staff profiles

Beach House Treatment Center Staff Profiles

beach house treatment center staff

Beach House Treatment uses an expert integrated team to treat clients suffering from addiction. We offer the highest grade of professional, discrete and private clinical and medical care in the industry.


Ashleigh Abramovici Holistic Provider

Holistic Program Coordinator

Ashleigh manages the dynamic holistic program the Beach House offers, and passionately brings together a team of world class specialists and instructors. The diversity of holistic offerings creates a safe space to facilitate healing, growth and recovery. This includes meditation, yoga, movement, energy healing, sound healing, equine therapy, art therapy and beyond. Ashleigh is a 500 hour Certified Yoga Instructor, has Sound Healing training certification, 20 years of meditation and yoga practice, and is currently in pursuit of an MA degree in psychology. She is dedicated to guiding clients to integrate holistic practices into their treatment experience. This includes creating space for meditation, creative expression, self-care, retreat and movement. She works with individuals seeking to cultivate and nourish these practices in their lives, using practical methods and steps to integrate spirituality in day-to-day living.

Beach House Treatment Center Staff

World-Class Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Professionals

Beach House Treatment Center employs experts in the field of recovery. Our broad range of experts are skilled and experienced in treating a variety of client addictions, including drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, and process addictions. Our treatment professionals operate in coordinated and integrated case-tailored teams to treat clients. We assemble the correct team of professionals and recovery field disciplines for each client.

The staff at Beach House Treatment Center also includes recovery experts who are adept in treating depression and anxiety. In conjunction, we treat the frequently associated dependence on drugs and alcohol as depression and anxiety coping mechanisms. Our recovery facility includes staff experienced with, and sensitive to the unique challenges facing the LGBTQ+ affirmative community.

We offer the highest class of treatment professionals, clinical staff and medical care in the recovery industry. Our staff focuses on customized treatment solutions which address each client’s unique needs. Our team also utilizes available options in client accommodations which are sensitive to particular needs.

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As an essential healthcare provider of substance abuse and mental health services under the California’s COVID-19 “Stay at Home” order, we are actively accepting new participants into our Detox, Residential and Outpatient programs under CDC recommended safety measures.

Please call us today at (310) 448-1413 for a free consultationand to learn more about our new policies.

Please call us today at (310) 448-1413 for a free consultation
and to learn more about our new policies.