What Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Entail?

What Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Entail?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a straightforward process that helps people change the way they think. Oftentimes, we get into these negative thought patterns – though patterns that involve self-criticism, judgment of others, pessimism and more. We can “wish” these thoughts away all we’d like, but it doesn’t work – and that’s because over time, our mind has become trained to think this way. Thankfully, we can break the destructive pattern and transition into healthier ways of thinking, but it takes practice. CBT often involves “take home” work so that clients are able to apply what they’ve learned in therapy sessions to “real world” experiences.

The writer for Live, Love, Simple, a website that provides experiences and information on topics such as motherhood, food, style, happiness and more, published a story about her personal experience with CBT. She expressed that it was through her therapy that she learned of two types of thought processes we all tend to experience: negative-irrational and positive-rational thoughts. Here are some examples of the two:


·       “It is raining outside, so I already know I’m not going to get much done today.”

·       “My family isn’t supportive of my recovery. I’m a complete mess and don’t deserve to recover.”


·    “It is raining outside, which means I’ll have a lot of time indoors to get some things done.”

·    “My family doesn’t support my recovery, and, while I’m sad they aren’t here for my journey, I’m going to keep doing the best that I can because I know that healing can take place.”

For her, CBT was about changing those negative, old thought patterns into newer, more productive ones. As you can see, perception is everything – and holding onto a negative version of thoughts only serves to bring your spirits down. Positive-rational thoughts, on the other hand, can make a world of difference – they can mean thriving over quitting, having energy versus feeling depleted, and healing versus staying in the past.

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