What Components Are Needed for Healing from Trauma?

What Components Are Needed for Healing from Trauma?

Trauma can leave physical, emotional, and psychological wounds that last for months to even years. Many people in recovery still battle the effects of trauma on a daily basis; nightmares, anxiety, paranoia, depression and more can feel paralyzing on top of the stressors of daily life. With the lingering effects of trauma still weighing heavily on a person’s heart, how can they heal from this while pursuing addiction recovery?

Dr. Lisa Najavits, author of the bestselling book Seeking Safety, stated in her book titled Recovery from Trauma, Addiction, or Both that those who haven’t yet sought healing and restoration are often: 1) haunted by their memories, 2) using substances to deal with the pain, 3) feeling scared, and more. It’s when healing takes place, however, that people start to transition into feeling stronger; they’re able to stop keeping secrets, to know who they really are, to find what they truly value in life and others. Healing from trauma takes some time and effort, but it is possible. There are many components that are needed in order to heal from our traumatic experiences:

·    Support – from friends, family, a therapist, a healthcare team, a doctor, a 12-Step group, etc.

·    Safety and Stabilization – help with regulating emotions, being in a comfortable environment, having the tools they need to seek help if it’s needed

·    Education – about what trauma is and how post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can affect a person’s day-to-day life and recovery

·    SelfCare – proper nutrition management, exercise, healthy sleeping patterns and optimal comfort for restoration

·    Empowerment – to feel heard, understood, and advocated for

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) states that trauma-informed treatment centers should help those in recovery heal by acknowledging the impact that trauma can have on a person, recognizing the symptoms of PTSD, responding to situations as they arise and creating an environment that is least likely to “re-traumatize” a person.

If you’ve experienced trauma and you’re recovering from a substance use disorder (SUD), it’s time to heal from the pain of your past, too.

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