Not Everyone Has to Hit “Rock Bottom” – And Here’s Why

Not Everyone Has to Hit “Rock Bottom” – And Here’s Why

When it comes to addiction recovery, one of the most common arguments is that those struggling with addiction need to hit “rock bottom” before they can receive the help they need. Of course, this type of statement leads us to ask ourselves, “What exactly does rock bottom look like?” Popular movies, television shows and songs depict “rock bottom” as being the end of the rope – as if someone must become homeless, lose all friends and family, gamble away money and more. There is certainly some truth to “rock bottom” – for many people, their experiences have let them to a dark place in which they’d never like to return. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone’s story has to go this way. There is still hope that a person can seek help early.

Dr. Peg O’Connor, author of Philosophy Stirred, Not Shaken, told Bustle in 2017 that “rock bottom” perpetuates these assumptions that it’s a necessity in order to see an improvement. She explained that this theory could be dangerous for people who believe they don’t need to seek help yet because they haven’t reached their worst – and this cycle of procrastination can ensure they really don’t seek help until it’s almost too late. Professor Jessica Wildfire, a writer with over 24,000 followers on Medium, explained her own perspective on “rock bottom”. She stated in 2018: “A lot of us comfort ourselves with the idea of a bottom. A point where things get so bad, they have to start getting better. They won’t not on their own. We already know this on some level. Still, we go into a narrative.”

The reality is that while “rock bottom” does happen for some people, it doesn’t have to happen for us. We can seek help early, get the treatment we need, and prevent ourselves and our loved ones from further pain. We can overcome what’s been keeping us in this perpetuated cycle of harm and restore our mind, body and spirit with holistic practices. Don’t wait any longer to seek the help you need.

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