How Can I Incorporate More Self-Care in My Daily Life?

How Can I Incorporate More Self-Care in My Daily Life?

Self-care is a major buzzword that circulates around discussions on mental health and addiction recovery. Those who have decided to go full-force in restoring their mind, body and spirit may be ready to incorporate more holistic, healing practices in their lives, but may be unsure of what type of self-care activities are most conducive to their recovery. Self-care is important for a variety of reasons: 1) it helps us form a healthy relationship with ourselves, 2) it produces positive feelings, 3) it encourages self-confidence and enhanced self-esteem, and more. The best part about self-care is that can be done virtually anytime, anywhere; it’s up to you to decide what you need in the moment.

In 2017, researchers published a study in the journal Issues in Mental Health Nursing to get a better glimpse at how self-care is enacted amongst adults in addiction recovery. The participants in this study were parents recovering from addiction, but the self-care practiced they employed are quite universal. Here is what the researchers found:

·       Participants focused on building meaningful connections with others in their recovery support network, as well as with their children

·       Physical health was considered a priority, as participants noted exercise, nutrition, and healthy sleeping habits as crucial self-care activities

·       Spiritual activities, such as journaling, were positive influencers for their recovery

·       Self-monitoring, abstinence and effectively dealing with negative emotions proved to be part of their self-care routine

·       Staying busy and getting involved in sponsorship with 12-Step programs were important to many participants

Self-care is about the small actions you take throughout the day that contribute to the wholeness of who you are, how your day went, and where you’re at in recovery. Rather than looking at the bigger picture, self-care forces us to focus on the minute, day-to-day details – and it’s all for good reason. As American writer, artist, publisher and speaker Brian Andreas once stated, “There are days I drop words of comfort on myself like falling leaves and remember that it is enough to be taken care of by myself.”

Start implementing more self-care in your daily life. Your mind, body and spirit need it.

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