How Can Families Heal from the Impact of Substance Abuse?

How Can Families Heal from the Impact of Substance Abuse?

Addiction is considered a family disease as roles and responsibilities, communication, family structure and support often change greatly when a loved one struggles with substance abuse. In fact, a 2016 study published in the journal The Qualitative Report emphasized that family members often undergo large amounts of stress and health issues when addiction is involved; these major changes can not only have a huge impact on the entire family’s infrastructure, but also on individual family members’ mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. If your family is currently undergoing major changes associated with addiction, know that you’re not alone; while this is a challenging period, healing and restoration is possible.

Families who wish to heal from the damages of addiction need to consider the ways it’s affected them. Take a look at the following questions to consider the smaller and larger-scale impacts that addiction has had on your life:

·       Attitudes towards addiction and towards the loved one

·       Views on the family as a whole

·       Changes in the way the family communicates and works together

·       Responsibilities and roles that have changed

In order for families to heal, they need to be able to address some these deep-rooted issues that have stemmed from addiction over time. One of the best ways to work through these concerns is through family therapy. As the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicates, families can work through pent-up emotions that haven’t been expressed appropriately; family members can share their feelings, gain perspectives on how others are feeling, develop effective coping mechanisms and receive support to create positive change.

On top of these components of therapy, family members – both individually and as a whole – can feel validated on their concerns. Addiction truly does disrupt daily life for many families, and these frustrations should be heard. As families learn to work together more efficiently, they can start engaging in more self-care practices – which in turn optimize their chances of healing from the pain caused by addiction.

If your family is struggling with addiction, don’t wait any longer to seek help. Family therapy and support groups provide much support for family members working to stay intact during the ups and downs of addiction recovery.

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