4 Tips for Healing During Recovery

4 Tips for Healing During Recovery

When we attend therapy, support groups and other treatment activities, we’re actively participating in our health. We’re working to better ourselves and to heal from the pain of the past – and while it takes some time, it’s something that is needed in order to restore our mind, body and spirit. Besides participating in these daily treatment routines, however, there are some tips that we can keep in mind to ensure that we’re entering each day of recovery with the right mindset. Perception is everything – and by keeping an open heart and mind, we’re going to be much more likely to take away lessons that could change our lives for the better.

As you continue working towards your recovery goals, remember to incorporate the following as part of your daily routine for optimal healing:

·    Besides in therapy, work on changing your self-esteem on your own, too. When you catch yourself in a path of negative thinking, stop yourself and think either neutrally or positively. Remind yourself of the good qualities and strengths that you have – because those count for something, too.

·    Don’t go without speaking to someone about your cravings. By verbalizing the cravings you’ve been experiencing to a peer or leader in recovery, you release the energy that it holds; rather than feeling as though it’s a secret, your experience will become out in the open – and you’ll be able to work through it much easier as well.

·    Continue filling your life with activities that lift your spirit. Spend time reflecting on who you are as a person. Watch shows that promote mental health and self-care, along with important life lessons. Work towards finding a cause that really speaks to your heart.

·    Drink plenty of water every day.  As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states, water keeps our temperature at an appropriate level; it lubricates and cushions our joints, it protects our spinal cord, it helps us get rid of waste stored in the body and so much more. Take care of your body by drinking plenty of water each day.

True work towards healing begins in treatment – but is carried out through everyday life. Start applying these self-care tips to boost your healing potential in recovery.

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