Healing from Trauma: Working Through Your Past So You Can Embrace the Present

Healing from Trauma: Working Through Your Past So You Can Embrace the Present

HThe Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines trauma as, “An event, series of events, or set of circumstances that is experienced by an individual as physically or emotionally harmful or life threatening and that has lasting adverse effects on the individual’s functioning and mental, physical, social, emotional or spiritual well-being.”

According to the Sidran Institute, which focuses on traumatic stress education and advocacy, approximately 70% of people in the United States have experienced a traumatic event at least once during their lifetime, and up to 20% of these people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Trauma can range from natural disasters to divorce and everything in-between; the lasting symptoms can make it so difficult to function from day-to-day, and some people rely on substances to reduce the painful symptoms they’re experiencing. This self-medication seems to work only temporarily, however, because those symptoms of PTSD come back. This is a sign that true, inner healing needs to take place.

Trauma is experienced by many people who are in addiction recovery, with the reason of self-medication often serving as the starting point. If you’ve been struggling with the pain that trauma has left in your life, you have to allow yourself to feel that pain. There is a difference between fully experiencing the pain and sorrow that comes with trauma, and burying the depression, anger, hopelessness and sadness underneath it all, as it causes you to dwindle away over time.

Appropriate treatment for this should be for a dual diagnosis, and there are so many effective strategies that can be used to help treat it. Much of it begins with opening your heart and allowing yourself to be human – to experience the pain and walk through it. With a reputable, caring healthcare team by your side, you’ll have the resources and support you need to not only conquer the pain that’s been holding you back from living your life, but you’ll be able to move forward in your addiction recovery journey as well.

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Kimberly James

I am the founder and owner of The Beach House Treatment Center, The White House, Indigo Ranch, Sweetwater Mesa and Beach House Center for Wellness, all in Malibu, California.